Mortgage Calculator



A mortgage calculator estimates monthly mortgage payment automatically and accurately.

What is a mortgage calculator?

A mortgage calculator is a computer program that helps users to compare the costs, payment schedules, interest rates, and changes of mortgage for a specific period of time. It also helps the real estate owners to assess how much they can afford to borrow on a piece of real estate. It is usually impossible for the home buyers to purchase a house without financial mortgage or loan. Sometimes, it seems difficult for the new buyers to determine that how much money they need to borrow from a bank or other financial institutions. In this regard, a mortgage calculator can help you to fix the amount of loan that you need to borrow to purchase your dream house.

What are the uses of a mortgage calculator?

Nowadays, most of the home buyers borrow loan from banks or other money lending farms to purchase their desired house or land. Mortgage calculators are used to compare the rate of interest, the change of mortgage and the amount of required loan to purchase a piece of real estate. With the help of a mortgage calculator you can easily realize the financial implications of changes. It is used to estimate the cost of monthly or yearly mortgage payment. You can use a mortgage calculator as your professional real estate counselor that can help you to determine the exact rate of mortgage. Furthermore, mortgage calculators can be used to assess annual property insurance cost, annual property tax payment, and annual private mortgage tax payment.

How to use a mortgage calculator?

An online mortgage calculator can accurately and precisely predict the rate of interest, the amount of mortgage and the schedule of amortization based on the following steps:

(a)     To use a mortgage calculator you have to determine your principal or balance.  This figure refers to the total amount of money that you need to purchase a house. For example, let the price of a house is $530000, you have $400000 to pay and $130000 for down payment.  Here, $400000 is your principal or balance that you can pay the homeowner instantly. Enter this figure into the first box of a mortgage calculator.

(b)     Determine for how many years you want to borrow loan. In general, people select minimum thirty years scheme as their mortgage duration. However some loans can amortized over 40 years. You can also select for a shorter period of time frame. If you are undecided, then you can put 30 years on the duration box of a mortgage calculator.

(c)      Enter the interest rate into the interest box of a mortgage calculator. The interest can vary based on the type of loan and the duration of loan. For a common estimate select interest rate on 30 years of mortgage.

(d)     Enter mortgage start date, if you want to purchase a piece of real estate within the shortest period of time. It will help you to see the original closing date of your mortgage.

(e)     Finally, press the calculate button of the mortgage calculator that will show you estimated monthly mortgage payment.

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